Love versus the Bible

"Love Versus the Bible Cartoon" by nakedpastor David Hayward


A couple of months ago I did a cartoon very similar to this, but it portrayed Jesus talking to a group of men from his time period. They could have been interpreted as being Pharisees. My intention was to contrast the hermeneutics of love and inclusion with a hermeneutic of something more about purity and exclusion.

My intention was not to feed into the antisemitism that is latent within Christianity. In other words, I did not intend the cartoon to communicate that Christianity is better than Judaism.

When I did post that cartoon, I got tweets and messages and emails from people, including a few rabbis who appreciate my cartoons, concerned with what I meant and suggesting that the cartoon, even if I didn't intend it, communicated an antisemitic bias. I agreed that even though I didn't mean to communicate it, the cartoon itself took on a life of its own and did.

So, I deleted that cartoon from all my social media. I did my absolute best to remove it from the internet.

Here's a better version of it.

You can buy the original drawing or prints in my nakedpastor ETSY shop.

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