Love Will Win the Day

Community, as I have said many times, cannot be based on agreement. If you were to visit the community I'm a part of you would find a wide diversity of opinion, ideas and theologies. I don't fully agree with any of them. I don't even agree with mine at the best of times. I encourage diversity of ideas because this is what already resides within our brains. And I believe this deserves expression. It is our freedom, our right and our privilege. So we see expressions that some might call "New Age", "Prosperity", "Philosophical", "Liberal", "Evangelical", "Pentecostalist", "Fundamentalist", "Conservative", "Reformed", "Socialist", and on and on I could go. The wide diversity makes a wonderful mix, and I love it. And that is the key: love.

For me, to love this small community means to love the world in all its diversity. Love is what makes community. The dividing walls between people and people between us and God have been broken down in a loving gesture of good will. There are no walls. The walls are only the illusions built by our divided minds. I believe the local church should be a manifestation of the reality of unity. Therefore this local community must, in a sense, be a microcosmic reflection of the human race undivided and unified. Of course this can't mean agreement. Of course not. It means love. This is what makes community rich and transformative.

Which is why this blog intends to manifest the unified reality and not the divisive one. I feel no urgency to reach agreement ideologically or theologically or any other way. I do feel an urgency for personal transformation that lives above illusion and in love and that encourages and blesses community. So, when it comes down to it, no matter how strongly we might disagree, love will win the day and recognize our unity.

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