Magic and Candy

So the other night I met with a friend. He was going on about how great our church is, that it is a place where he can be real, authentic, and heard. Good solid teaching. Good music. Etc., etc.. So finally I asked him: "If it's such a great church then why can we not only attract people, but we are losing people too? If it's such a great place, why don't people come? And why won't people stay?" Immediately he said, "Well David, you don't offer any magic! You don't serve any candy! If you offered some of that the leak would stop and you would grow! But you won't, will you!?" No! I guess not. I won't because I can't. Been there done that! I've seen behind the curtain and I've read the ingredients. The girl's sawn in two and we have cavities! Magic and candy work, and I know they work. But it's not worth it. I'm not going to do it. I will not do magic. I won't serve candy. If that means what it might mean, so be it. Some feel I just have a bad attitude. Sometimes I wonder that myself. I could compromise a little, couldn't I?, and enjoy a measure of success. The way some deal with the dilemma is they go to another church at another time which they say has the magic and serves the candy, then they come to our church at the regular time for what they think they actually need. Whatever. We'll see what happens.

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