Mark Driscoll and a Christmas Virgin

Spoiler alert: this is a parody. No, he didn't really say this. But it's funny, no? Actually, one of the members of our online community, Julie-Anne Morris posted this in our secret Facebook group:
"Dear Mark Driscoll: You teach that women are weaker than men, more easily tempted and deceived, and in need of men to lead them spiritually. According to the traditional Christmas story, in order to have a human baby born without indwelling sin God had to bypass the male but not the female. Can you please explain? Sincerely, Julie"
I asked her permission to use her idea for a cartoon. She gave me that permission as well as permission to quote her and use her name. She is representative of the many incredible women on The Lasting Supper. I invite you to come and join us. Also, a few people have requested that I keep my 50% OFF SALE on all my art on for one more day. So if you still want in on this ridiculous sale, SHOP NOW, and use the coupon code 'noway'. I'll end it tonight.
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