Martin Luther's Nightmare

Pope Francis welcomes ex-pope Benedict back into the vatican. You can read about it Some people are predicting conflict and maybe even a division in the Roman Catholic Church because of differing views of the two men. Others are saying that it's no big deal and Benedict is going to spend all his time in prayer. When I read this news I immediately had an image of Martin Luther snoozing over his beer in his favorite pub having a nightmare. He fought long and hard against many aspects of Roman Catholicism, and wasn't very fond of popes. I've been welcomed back into a church I used to pastor. The pastor who took over for me and I have always been good friends even to this day. It was a great experience and all went well. Another time I expected to continue to be a part of a congregation I pastored and passed on to someone else. That went badly. I believe it doesn't come down to theology but the personality and character that hosts that theology. It will be interesting to see what happens.
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