May it become clear when you should make your escape!

Sophia "Escape" by nakedpastor David Hayward HERE! I'm offering FREE SHIPPING on ALL MY ART with code 'shipit'! > This is the text from this Sophia image, "Escape", from my book, The Liberation of Sophia. You can order the book HERE. There are 59 images and meditations. So many people have written me to personally thank me for Sophia. I'm thankful for her too!
"All it takes is one small opening and one small opportunity. Just underneath the straw in my cell I found a hatch door. My means of escape was always available to me. I just hadn't seen it yet. My captors are busy playing their games, planning their next move, unaware that I have found my means of escape and made mine! I must make a plan. But I have no idea how to implement it. All I know is that I must escape. But I need to be clear how. And when. I felt like a slave for years. Like I said, I tried to ignore the fact. Then I tried to change the circumstances. Finally I had to admit I was enslaved. I had to liberate myself. But I still needed to know exactly when. I asked for perfect clarity on when I was to make my decision and I would act on it immediately. So many things had to be aligned. Like colossal planets. Everything had to be perfectly in line. And I knew exactly what had to be in line. I waited. Then one day it happened. I knew just as clear as I ever knew anything. It was time! Immediately. I was done! Done with my slavery. No time to hesitate. Like the exodus, hastily at night carrying nothing. So I took a deep breath. I lifted the hatch door. And I slipped away. I stole away as suddenly as a light goes out. I slipped out of bondage like I slip out of my clothes. Then I was gone. Never to return. Escaped."
How have you escaped? Or are you about to? Or are you considering it? Join a bunch of other people who have escaped, who share their stories, and who listen to others with an open ear, mind, and heart! Check us out at The Lasting Supper! Seriously, we're great listeners. I'm sure you are too. Right?
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