maybe we just haven't found the magic word yet

"The Right Name" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward I say this with deep respect: All religion is the human attempt to articulate a mystery. It's our response to a revelation (that is, a dawning of awareness) of the unknown unknowable. And a lot of the articulation is a beautiful attempt, in my opinion. Karl Barth said that revelation is like a meteor, and religion is the crater it leaves in the earth. I would agree with this. I visited a crater in Arizona I think it was. There were souvenir shops and everything there. That's like what happens with religion. There is a revelation of a mystery. Then we take advantage of it. Some organize, institutionalize, and even commercialize it. But this doesn't diminish the profundity of the revelation or the thing revealed. Nor does it condemn the human attempt to understand and articulate it. At The Lasting Supper, this is the kind of thing we talk about. Come join us! I'll personally welcome you.
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