Meet Bible Man, our new Christian superhero

"BIBLE MAN" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward here! > After my post yesterday about homosexuality causing earthquakes, we get the brilliant comment:
"It always amazes me that the same people that are for gay rights are ultimately against it for their own Mother and Father. The bible is the truth dummy. If everyone turns gay then their will be no life and no you to slander God's word!"
I'm not sure if he meant the bible is a "truth-dummy", where" we suck on it like a baby would... that it's not the real thing but a fake, a dummy. The bible is a truth-dummy. OR, was he calling me a dummy, as in, the bible is the truth, dummy! I think this is what he meant. So, it sounds like we need a new superhero to save the day. Ta-da! BIBLE MAN! Yes! The creator, upholder, and protector of all truth. Don't mess with Bible Man, dummy!, cuz he ain't no truth-dummy, or he will stone you to death, then throw you into hell where you will burn alive forever and ever amen! Yes this makes sense. Don't ask any more questions. Bible Man is the answer for the world today! Come save us, Bible Man!
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