men are more equal

This cartoon is inspired by the increasing volume of arguments claiming that even though women are equal they are to serve a subservient role to men. Sure, men and women are equal, but men are more equal. Sure, men and women are equal, but their divinely sanctioned roles are to be faithfully followed. I am in the company of amazing women. My wife Lisa. My daughter Casile. Some local friends who used to be a part of my congregation but have also left the church. But over the last year, since launching The Lasting Supper our online community), I have gained many many more amazing women as genuine and lasting friends. There are over 325 members so far and it's growing! I've often told my daughter this when she's confronted with obstacles that her brothers don't face. I tell her that it takes more courage, more fearlessness, more pluck, more audacity, more tenacity and more boldness for her to achieve not only her dreams, desires and destiny, but sometimes even her dues. She must stand and fight for her basic human right that she's equal. I'm extending an invitation today to you amazing women: come and join many other amazing women who have taken steps to achieve their own freedom and independence. They have found and are using their voices. And they are exercising this basic human right as women in a safe, secure and supportive community that has a rippling effect on the rest of their lives. The Lasting Supper is changing our lives in demonstrative ways. The men of this online community have all displayed an attitude of mutual respect and equality. I'm overwhelmingly proud and honored to be a part of this dynamic. Welcome to The Lasting Supper!
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