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Here at Patheos we are switching to Disqus for comments. Your existing comments may temporarily disappear as they migrate from WordPress to Disqus. Once this change is complete, discussion will be easier on nakedpastor. Disqus is a great comments service. You can even link comments to Facebook, etcetera. I'm grateful for being invited to blog at Patheos. I've met some really cool people, like Deb, Hillary, David, and Murray. Nakedpastor is getting more exposure, and some people think that's awesome. Plus it feels good to be a part of a dynamic network of bloggers who are also a part of the Patheos team. We at The Lasting Supper had a great Potluck Hangout last night where many of us talked about belief. "I Believe I Believe" was a great success where everybody brought something to the table, giving us lots to chew on. I work from home so Mondays aren't so bad for me. But it does announce the end of the weekend where I let myself enjoy some wine, movies, a greasy breakfast and long walks. I watched "Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmakers Apocalypse", a documentary about Coppola's making of "Apocalypse Now". Amazing! I'm reading G.K. Chesterton's "Orthodoxy". I finished "Heretics" last week. I love the way he thinks and writes. He is an inspiration to me to think and write better. I'm also trying to find Slavoj Žižek's film "A Pervert's Guide to Ideology". If anyone knows where I can watch it let me know. I hope you have a great day, in spite of it being Monday!
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