Mondays don't get me down!

I ve been listening to Brian Eno all day. Eno, for those of you who don t know, is probably best known for his work with U2. Mondays, as usual for most pastors I know, is my day off. But I don t really take it off. I spend ALL DAY in my studio painting like crazy. So, I ve been painting all day to the ethereal, dreamy, mood music of Eno such albums as Apollo and Ambient 2: Plateaux of Mirror. Next on my list is Discreet Music, and Ambient 1: Music for Airports. Sometimes I paint to crazy jazz, like Terence Blanchard, but today it's Eno. Listening to music keeps my energy up, my creativity flowing and my brushes moving. I love Mondays. They re my creativity day with coffee breaks overlooking the Kennebacasis River (click here to see a pic). But don't get me wrong... being creative is hard work. You have to get up, get in there, and DO IT!

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