Money is Spiritual: an Introduction

Hi my friends!

I’m going to try something new here on nakedpastor.

I used to do a lot more writing. To be honestly vulnerable with you, I’ve retreated into the safer place of just posting cartoons lately. I experienced a devastating and traumatic season online and decided to hide out for a while. But, my plan now is to come out of my secure cave and get back in the game by exposing my thoughts through writing. I have something important to say and contribute to the conversation and it robs me and others of my ideas if I don’t.

I discovered something: if you hide, it works! Therefore, my effectiveness in helping people dropped severely. No more! I’ll share more of that story in this series as well.

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I’ve been wanting to write an ebook on money. What? Money? Why an ebook about money? I know! This seems out of character for me… someone who critiques the abuses of the church of which money is one of the biggest ones.

I figured the best way to write a book is the method I’ve used to write most of my now seven books, and that is by compiling my posts into book form. I’ve been wanting to write about money for a while and it just hasn’t happened yet. So I’m committing myself to writing a daily post about it so that at the end of this cycle I’ll have the book written in blog post form and then all I have to do is glue it together into my desired ebook.

I’m calling it, Money is Spiritual.

Wait! Money is spiritual? Yes, it is! And I’ll explain why in days to come soon.

I’m writing about money because I’ve had serious issues with it… for a couple of reasons:

The first is I grew up in a large family where money was never plentiful. Like many of you, I was raised with the attitude that money was scarce, hard to get, impossible to keep, and suspicious to desire and enjoy. My parents were ingenious with their use of the little money they had to still manage to provide us with a life without serious lack but also one with plenty of comforts, fun, and adventure. We managed well. But money had always been elusive to me as it was to my parents. You could say I embraced the scarcity mentality that most people have concerning money. This attitude was deeply engrained in my DNA and I spent many years trying to rewire my brain to think otherwise. I’ll be telling you more about that in upcoming entries.

The second reason is that I spent almost all of my life in the church. The Christian theology that I was most comfortable with was the kind that taught that money is filthy lucre. Even though I was surrounded by what we call the “health/wealth” gospel, or the “name-it-and-claim-it” gospel, I was more drawn to the gospel that teaches that poverty is the highest virtue. In this context, money polluted spirituality and sullied the religious enterprise, so that having it was a sure sign of compromise with the world. I'll be telling you all about it.

This attitude of scarcity and the mentality of poverty plagued my vocation as a pastor. It continued to plague my vocation as an artist and spiritual teacher, mentor, and coach after I left the ministry in 2010. My unhealthy attitude about money was the biggest hindrance to me enjoying my vocation and ultimately my life. I’ve worked long and hard to combat this, to heal myself from it, and to get over my hangups so I could get on with my life. I want to share this journey with you in a series of meditations that I hope will help you also. It will be very autobiographical peppered with good teaching about money.

Some of you may have no issues with money. I’ve met people like that and they fascinate me. I’ll be sharing some stories about this. But I know many, many people who struggle with it they way I had, so my hope is that sharing my struggle and self-healing might help them too.

  • Is money an issue for you?
  • Is your attitude about money steeped in repulsion, shame, and guilt?
  • Do you harbor a scarcity and poverty mentality too?
  • Do your ideas about money prevent you from getting it, owning it, and enjoying it?
  • Do you suspect you are only living a fraction of what your life could be because of money?
  • Do you swing between guilt for having it and desire for needing it or even wanting it?
  • Does my project about money alarm you and make you suspicious or feel yucky?

Then read on! I think this is for you.

I’m going to write about...

  • how my unhealthy attitudes about money developed;
  • how I spiritualized my negative attitudes about money;
  • how saints handled the money issue, the nature of money;
  • how I relied on being rescued rather than helping myself;
  • how I had to learn to value myself and what I do and create;
  • how the hardest question for me to answer used to be, ‚ÄúWhat do you want?‚Äù;
  • how shaming from others caused me to shrink back;
  • how appreciating money in a wholesome way unlocked new and exciting doors for me;
  • how having money opened my eyes to its deeper nature;
  • and so much more.

So, I’m writing this mainly for myself, but hopefully also for you. Perhaps my contemplations will help you as they’ve helped me.

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Just a reminder: this will become a book when I finish this series. Then I’ll start another one on a different topic.

I hope you journey with me.

Thanks. See you tomorrow!

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