money, women and guns

I originally wasn't going to do a cartoon about this story. But I couldn't remain silent anymore. Ezekiel Gilbert was acquitted of murdering a woman who wouldn't have sex with him. In Texas you can kill a person for stealing from you during the night. He claims he shot her, a Craigslist escort, because she wouldn't return the $150 after refusing to have sex with him. Wouldn't Kafka nod his head knowingly? The law won and justice lost. The law laughs at us. Life has been reduced to sex and money. And for Lenora Ivie Frago, life has been reduced to zero. On the one hand, is this a sick joke? On the other hand, is this symptomatic of a male-dominated culture obsessed with money, sex and power? There seems to be a symbiotic relationship between our increased awareness of violence against women and the escalation of violence against them, now condoned by law.
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