money's available or to be had

i think it's our duty to be truthful in the church. painfully so. in a recent time article, it was revealed that the whitehouse's public show of support for faith-based groups was a cover for it's ridicule of them. that's not the biggest deal and comes as no surprise to me. but the tactical approach to dealing with them struck me. instead of actually giving money to the faith-based groups, the whitehouse started boasting about the amount of money available to them. two different things. making promises that won't be delivered. what's available and what you can actually have in your hands are two different things. here's an interesting quote from Time magazine, Oct. 23, 2006, p. 41:
In an effort to divert attention from all the money that wasn't being given to faith-based groups, we had come up with the idea of highlighting the amount of money now 'available' to faith-based organizations...
i'm going to church soon. i'm not preaching, but another man in the congregation, barry adams, is. he has pastoral and preaching experience. i'm leading worship. i think it will be a good morning. hope yours is too.

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