More Hearsay

this cartoon on toxic waste, on the screen in the background. Funny, but I got a tweet and emails from people while the conference was going on wondering if I knew that my cartoons were being used with my permission. Thanks for looking out for me everyone, but Becky and I have made arrangements.
On another note, I knew it was only a matter of time when someone would accuse me of being a hireling. Does anyone know who Remonstrans is? The throne from which he judges is so high I cannot see him or her. He or she remains anonymous. I have guessed that Remonstrans is probably a man from my wife's home state of Alabama. So let's call him "him". Even though he is one of my severest critics, I like him. He is very intelligent I think, he's an excellent writer and has a biting wit. I mean, his wit has more bite than anything I've felt. I call him the Christian Don Rickles. But I wouldn't want him to roast me. Oh wait. He already does!
In defense of what happened here, I didn't run. I have served the church as a pastor for over 25 years. I have ended this season poor and tired. But I have closed this season with great friends, great experiences, and, I hope, greater wisdom. I am moving into a new season and I'm looking forward to it. I still intend to serve the church. Just from a different position. And the church, I am thankful, will enjoy a new season of good things.
Ah. The opinions abound!
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