Morphine Life, Trent Yaconelli & Five A.M. with Be Still

Several months ago a guy commented on one of my posts. His name was Trent Yaconelli. I couldn't resist asking him if he was the son of the late great Mike Yaconelli, one of the most radical of youth leaders of our time, as well as one of the most controversial church critics in America. I came across Mike back in seminary when I read his youth specialties books. But I also came across him when I had to ask the librarian if I could borrow The Wittenburg Door, a magazine that deflates religious pomposity wherever it is found. The seminary wouldn't allow the mag to be displayed on the open shelves. You had to read it in secret. Trent and I began quite a discussion that continues today. He appreciates nakedpastor and what this blog is about. Trent is a member of a band called Five A.M. and they've come out with a new album. This is one of the songs from the EP. Check out his blog morphine life. Enjoy! MP3 File

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