mortgage burning in our future!

I have some good news that I would like to share. Our church building has been sitting on about 18 acres of land. Over the past several years this land has increased in value. That's normal. What's unusual about this land though is that the value has sky-rocketed because it has become commercial, institutional and industrial land. We were approached a few months ago by a company wishing to purchase 4 acres from us. After all the conversations and lawyers and papers, we finally received our check today after the church mortgage was paid off yesterday. Remember back in 1997 we went through a devastating church-split which caused us to lose over two-thirds of the congregation. Our small little remainder has been carrying the same financial burden, such as almost $4,000/month mortgage payments, since then. Every year has been a struggle financially. When we went through the split I took a pay cut and since then just recently took one small raise. Now, after over 11 years, the financial burden is gone with some money to spare. What a journey! It has had a strange affect on me. I feel that through sheer determination and God's help we have made it. Now that this battle is done, now what? It's a strange feeling. I kind of feel like a warrior without a war. Been there before. When we are all back in September we plan on having one hell of a mortgage-burning party.

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