Movie: Winnebago Man

If you haven't heard about the Winnebago Man through the infamous YouTube outtakes video (WARNING: OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE!), then now's your chance to catch up with a pretty good documentary about Jack Rebney. What began as a kind of public humiliation of "the angriest man in the world" slowly transformed into a cult following of a man who insisted... with choice words... on living a life of integrity. At one point I began to despair that the film was going to miss the point. However, at just the right time, he allows Jack to shed some insight into his erratic behavior during the filming of the Winnebago commercials. Here's what Jack said:
There is apparently a true camaraderie with people who see that and commiserate with this poor belabored person who says pretty much what comes to his mind when he's met with adversity and what have you. And that's good isn't it interesting that, when I say it when I hear myself babbling that's really the human condition. Is it not? Right there in simple terms. What we're doing is we're facing an enormous amount of adversity and it seems disastrous that we don't let ourselves say what we really feel, what we truly feel, and I'm happy to say that I take a small degree of pride in the fact that when I'm faced with that and when I'm faced with it today, I say exactly what I have on my mind.
And that's what I appreciate about Jack and people like him. And this is why I always endeavor to say exactly what's on my mind no matter what stir it might cause.
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