Muslims, Christians and Flying Horses

After I left the ministry I taught English as a second language to international university students. Some of them were Muslims from the Middle East. Some of them would share some of their fantastic beliefs with me, and all the while I would remember that the Christian tradition I grew up in has its own fantastic beliefs. It was then, in my daily contact with a diversity of people from a diversity of beliefs, that I concluded we all experience the same thing but are interpreting these experiences through our own worldview, imputing our own stories onto this experience, and articulating it in our own frameworks and languages. What a beautiful and peaceful revelation that was. I was at a Wellness Expo this weekend and I was fascinating by the wide diversity of people I met there. These are intelligent people. These people also believed in ghosts, crystals, gods, angels, energies, auras, wands, chakras, magic cures, prayer... you name it. Everything was represented there. Including a total materialist who believed there is nothing but what is physical, but who also believed an acupuncture needle properly inserted in your elbow will clear your sinuses. I love these people just like I love my Muslim students. And I felt loved by them. We could go on and on about who's right and who's wrong according to religion or the lack of it, who's in and who's out according to beliefs or the lack of them. But in the end we are all people struggling to understand, make sense and find meaning, to love and be loved. Come and meet an online community of such people!
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