my book "Questions are the Answer" getting reviews

My new book is finally available. It is in bookstores in the UK and is available for pre-order in North America on Amazon. It essentially tells the story of my journey through a series of stages of questioning. It's full of my favorite questioning cartoons, including new ones never seen before. I was a little nervous about how it would be received by more conservative expressions of Christianity and those who are faithful church-goers. This kind review by Good Book Reviews has helped to ease my fears. Here's a section of it:
"A seriously intelligent, amusing and enjoyable book that to my mind deals honestly, wryly, rawly, and insightfully with how one transitions from being 'churched' to 'dechurched'... it's an insightful book to read if you are churched person trying to understand those that have journeyed away..."
I was concerned because some people leap to the conclusion I am anti-church or anti-organized religion. I'm not. I'm passionate about how we can gather in healthy ways. This is the heart of my interest. In the book I talk about The Lasting Supper... a great group of people, many of whom fit that review's description in so many ways. We warmly invite you to join us.
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