My Candid Thoughts on the Church and Pastors

"Poor Pastor" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward Pastors get hurt too. Many people assume, because I critique the church and those in authority within it, that I am an enemy of the church, the ministry, and pastors. No. In fact, I love and appreciate the church and its pastors. In this hour-long interview you will hear what I mean (Sept. 1, 2017). I've been friends with pastor Brian Metzger for many years. This interview helped me to articulate what I'm getting at. You can listen to it HERE Sept. 1, 2017). I believe the church's problem is systemic. When the church forms an idea about itself, and the church serves that idea, then it has been taken over by the principalities and powers Paul talks about. It becomes possessed by the power of that idea so that the result is the church and its people must serve it. Rather than the church serving the people, the people end up serving the church and being dominated by it. The result is that both the members and the leadership suffer under the dominion of the church's power. A church can become possessed by its own vision of itself and inflict servitude upon its people. People have smartened up and realize they don't have to submit to random authority. Rather than stay in submission in hopes it will change, they simply escape. And pastors are doing the same thing. I saw a statistic recently that claims approximately 2,000 pastors are leaving the ministry every month in America alone. If this is you, you might be interested in taking my course, Leaving the Ministry, which is designed to help pastors transition out of ministry in a healthy manner and refit themselves for the real world. You can check it out HERE. If you are a pastor and could use some coaching through this process, or you know someone who could benefit, I can help.
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