my kind of church

I am a pastor of a church, but I struggle with it. Man, do I struggle with it! When I think about the mechanics of running an organization, the delicacies of maintaining tenuous relationships, the banality of nurturing a bureaucracy, or the boredom of keeping an institution going, I just go NUTS! I hate it. At that point, my wife Lisa usually says, David, just remember: it s about the people and about God! Then I can feel my heart rate restore itself, my blood-pressure level off, and my brain cease its convulsions.

Like right now. It s hot out, and I can think of nothing better to do than sitting on my porch with some friends, overlooking the beautiful Kennebacasis River, smoking my pipe filled with the new Executive Blend tobacco my brother sent me, drinking a fine red wine (preferably Syrah), and talking about the latest books we ve read, movies we ve seen, jokes we ve heard, or thoughts we ve had. Heck, I'd even do that with enemies!

I remember several years ago, there were about 12 young adults visiting our house in the evening. We sat on our porch around the fire pit. What a lovely night! Some wine was poured, and Lisa served some fresh homemade bread she'd made. We sat around drinking the wine and pulling hunks of bread off the loaf, just talking and laughing and connecting on a memorable level. When I layed my head on my pillow that night, it struck me that we'd actually had communion... communion like I'd never had it before. I'll never forget that night. Now, THAT'S my kind of church!

Are you with me?

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