My Money Rant: Couldn't Tithe

My Money Rant: Couldn't Tithe

"Couldn't Tithe" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


I wrote “Money is Spiritual” and created a course for it too.

Whenever I offer it, I get this:

“When did you become a prosperity gospel preacher?”
“Oh no! Now you’re Joel Osteen?”
“I knew you were just another conman.”
“I’m so disappointed. You spoke truth. Now this?”
“Gross! I’m unfollowing you.”

It’s frustrating because none of them read the book or took the course.
Who long appreciates someone’s work but writes them off for one twist?

I want to be clear:

Money is Spiritual was written with a very specific goal: to help people like me who were taught lies about money by the church and need to heal themselves from it. 

I do not promote the prosperity gospel. Instead, I denounce it.

I do not promote magic. If not you, then someone somewhere worked to get you your money and possessions.

I do not promote greed or wealth. Instead, I challenge pious scarcity mindsets, sanctimonious limiting beliefs, and victim mentalities cloaked in false-humility. Self-righteousness and pretending we don’t need money are cousins.

I do not promote victim-blaming - that the poor wouldn’t be poor if they just had a better attitude. Injustice causes most poverty. 

But, for me, my financial issues were directly linked to unhealthy thinking I learned in the church.

So I wrote the book to help people like me: people who want to make a living without feeling shame, guilt, or fear for needing, wanting, and making money, or once they do feel worldly and that they should give it all away.

That’s what Money is Spiritual is about.

Rant over.

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I agree with you that injustice causes many to struggle living in poverty… So would you consider charging less for those who cannot afford your fee of $67 ??

Gabriella Gonzalez

Ironic that you charge the equivalent week’s worth of grocery money to denounce the prosperity gospel.

Karen Isaacson

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