"God's Daisy" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

my most popular cartoon of all time

"God's Daisy" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward This is definitely my best-selling cartoon in my whole history of cartooning. BUY A PRINT NOW! Use the coupon code 'iwant' for 20% OFF. You can use this coupon for any of my art you purchase. You get it, don't you? You've done the daisy thing where you pull a pedal and say "She/he loves me," then pull another pedal and say "She/he loves me not," etc., until you get to the last one. That's the deciding pedal whether that person loves you or not. Well... with this one, there's no choice. It's decided already. I've received so much feedback from people about this image. They find it encouraging. They appreciate the reminder that perhaps God, the Universe, the Higher Power, whatever... is benevolent. They like the idea that there is love to be enjoyed. There is compassion. Anger and punishment can't survive under these conditions. Get your print today!

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