My Supplemental Jesus

I want to consider our supplemental Jesus. Most of our writing and talking is supplemental in nature. We get so excited with and carried away by the next new idea, the next new leader, the next new book, the next new method. But there is really nothing truly new about it all. They are accruals upon the past. They are installments on a faulty loan. They are renovations on a condemned building. It is our attempt to stretch an already stretched old wineskin. We customize what we already have. Like an old car that has been condemned to the scrap heap... it doesn't work! We add new parts and detail it, but it still doesn't work! We need a new vehicle. Or no vehicle at all in fact. For the past 12 years I have been deeply suspicious of any new method that comes down the pike, any new book that has the next best strategy. I always feel like a rabbit in Watership Down: I'm being baited with fresher carrots, that's all! Anyone with any common sense should be able to tell when they are being swindled. We all should be able to tell when we are being bamboozled. No more strategies. No more visions. No more methods. No more renovations, customizations, and tweak jobs. Please! Jesus is not a supplement to boost my quality of life. He promises me death. And the life he does promise is not an enhanced life but a resurrected one, which is something totally other and probably beyond the domain of sensual experience. And this is what I'm holding out for.

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