My Three Favorite Losers

Although I am a loser who dwells among losers (for all have lost something or someone), here are my current foci: Kurt (who suddenly lost his mom Kerry a couple weeks ago); Katie (left, Kurt's wife, who just lost her baby last week, 2 months into term); and Sarah (right, who just lost Nato, her soon-to-be-fiancé, a couple of months ago to suicide).

Last night Lisa and I had nothing planned. A new storm came howling in, so we were ready to tuck ourselves in for a lonely night together. Soon, Katie called and said that she and Kurt wondered if they could come over to talk. Sarah soon called and asked what we were doing and could she come over to visit us. All brought smokes and beers. Lots of talking, ranting, questioning, processing, partying and eventually laughing with Kurt's famous finger-dance routine. We plumbed the depths and soared the heights. Stay tuned later for a questionable snow-angel.

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