nakedpastor goes west!

Hey everyone. Here's a big thank you for reading my blog. The readership is growing. The cartoons, more than the things I write, seem to be finding their way all over the blogosphere and other media.

I am going on a trip today out to western Canada to see my brother, two years younger than I. He left home when he was 16 under difficult circumstances and I have maybe seen him a total of 5 days since. It is a rare opportunity that I'm taking. He doesn't have a computer and I'm not taking mine. So I will not be posting for about a week, unless I come across a stray computer somewhere and I have something to say. Otherwise, I'll see you in a week.

Again, thanks for peeking in on my cartoons and reading my posts. Maybe over the next week you can catch up on some of the posts you've missed. Later! Peace! Out!

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