Nakedpastor Makes New Year's Resolutions!

>This is a picture of me and my wife Lisa on New Years Eve, 2008. I think it captures our mischievous joy. We wish you a happy new year. So here are a few resolutions I'm thinking about for my blog this year:
  1. to invite companies to advertise on my site so that it will earn some income (okay, that's crass, but out of the way!).
  2. to be more straightforward in my writing.
  3. to make my cartoons more honest and courageous, blowing the whistle on what I think the whistle needs to be blown on, and assemble a book of my cartoons with commentary.
  4. to be even more naked, open, honest and vulnerable... without compromising the privacy of my church community.
  5. to provide more information about my personal life as a pastor in such a way that other pastors might receive encouragement and even some help.
  6. to provide more information about my personal life as a church member in such a way that other members of church communities might receive encouragement and even some help.
  7. to make my blog a more open and unrestricted arena for an even greater diversity of readers, so that we all might witness and experience unity even among those with profoundly differing beliefs and non-beliefs.
  8. to read more, think more, meditate more, contemplate more, and to love more, in order to be able to write from a deeper well of wisdom for the sake of my readers.
  9. to write in such a way that the marginalized, lonely, disenfranchised, alienated and rejected among my readers might somehow be motivated to find a community to genuinely love and be loved in... again or for the first time.
  10. to inspire courage, creativity, uniqueness, individuality, honesty, boldness, open-mindedness and radical diversity, especially for those feeling harassed by a religious spirit that kills all the above.
Okay? Let's go!
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