Negative or Positive Press?

I was in town today minding my own business when I ran into someone who went to my church some time ago. They left under strained conditions. But we had a good chat. He was telling me about someone he knows who is having a rough time. Let's call him Sam. Sam, because of his difficulties, struggles, and some bad choices, left his church. He's been ostracized by friends and family. And to some extent it is understandable. The guy I ran into said that he heard Sam say that he wanted to find a church that he could go to. Sam said, "Maybe I'll go to Rothesay Vineyard. I hear they'll take anybody."
I wasn't sure what to say. I've heard this many times before. It isn't new. But yes, we'll take anybody. It doesn't mean we endorse their behavior. They take me, but I'd never assume that means a 100% blanket endorsement of all I believe or do. I realize that the rumor out there that we'll take anybody is meant as an attempt to vilify us. I also realize some would like me to have this information so that I could take the necessary measures to correct the negative reputation we have out there. But, on the other hand, for those who feel there's nowhere else to go, like Sam, maybe it's a good thing. Anyway, this is who I concern myself with, locally and on this blog. We'll take anybody!

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