no more vindication

I got up early today as the sun was rising. I made a cup of coffee and sat on my back deck smoking my pipe as I watched the warm sun rise above the trees. It was an absolutely beautiful morning.

The birds were chirping. A neighbor's rooster was crowing. Crows were gliding overhead calling in a way that sounded like laughter. They seemed happy. A butterfly flittered past.

Suddenly I started weeping. Uncontrollably. It wasn't sad, but deeply joyful. It was, actually, tears of surrender. Tears of letting go. Tears that were liberating me, not from authority or bondage or structures or institutions or others, but liberating me from myself, liberating me from my negative emotions.

I let this moment sink in for a long time. I didn't prematurely end it. I wanted it to become who I am instead of just an experience.

Today has been a day of peace. Peace within me.

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