Not All Wounds Are Visible

Not All Wounds Are Visible

"Sophia's Back" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

"Sophia's Back"

Always remember:

Not all wounds are visible.

What people have experienced and endured and suffered is often more than you can imagine.

People we know!

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I do not remember any abuse. I remember my 2 sisters mocking me, I didn’t know why. My second husband and my second son have told me that it was because I was prettier than they were, even though I never felt pretty. Pictures show that I was prettier than they. I never said so to them. They have had one husband. The younger sister’s died. The other sister still has hers. I had 2 husbands but did not feel loved, nor did I feel the love that I wanted to feel. I have given up on “love” and am happy alone, but sometimes think about it. I do not know who I really am. I am 72.

Marlene Brewton

still crying


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