O Come All Ye Faithful!

Every once in a while I'll get an email from someone saying that they would like to come and hang out in our community for a while. Right here, right now, I'm extending an open invitation for anyone to do just that. In the fall we have a university level student coming to "intern" in our community for the school year. A family is trying to make their way here from the UK to become a part of our community. Another family from Ontario wants to come this way to do the same. I hear others want to come too. We turn nobody away. You are all welcome. We cannot provide housing, although there's lots of options available. If you are single there are probably billeting options we could offer. We cannot provide employment, although there a lots of job opportunities available locally.

What we can provide is a community you can dig your roots into, if you want. You can observe how community looks in our context. There are some people among us with theological and philosophical training, as well as other specialties. We intend this fall, in conjunction with the internship, to provide round-table kinds of discussions, directed studies, reading and dialogs. If you do become a part of the community, you will find us very supportive in many ways. More in store.

So, if you want to come and experience firsthand what I am talking about in my blog, then you are welcome. Please come.

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