Offended by How Women Dress?

"Offended by Women" cartoon by David Hayward

OFFENDED BY HOW WOMEN DRESS: There was a young man who thought that being spiritual meant that no matter what before him walked that he should take offense. Women were the worst for him the way they dressed or didn't his eyes would bulge his blood would boil his member'd rise in a second. It wasn't too long until he was always so incensed so with a righteous lock he hid in a box just he and his laments. The coroner revealed the cause of death of course... his brain had shrunk his heart was gone his neck stiff like a corpse. Here's the lesson to be learned: the problem's not "out there"... it's our own hearts it's our own thoughts that need the greatest care. (Looking for community? No luck? Come try us out at The Lasting Supper! We laugh we cry and we always support one another.)
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