Oh No... Not Leaders & Elders Again?

A few weeks ago I wrote an extremely popular post on Leaders and Elders that received over 150 comments. This following quote is given in the context of this same argument. Wendell Berry, the great American essayist, novelist, poet and farmer, in his book, The Unsettling of America: Culture and Agriculture, writes something that has stayed with me for years:
Amish ministers and bishops are chosen by lot, after fasting and prayer (as Mathias was chosen), and so they do not have a professional, a paid, an economically independent, or an ambitious clergy. Their religious services are held in barns or homes; their charities are not organized or abstract but are usually in direct response to observed needs. And so they do not have a church building or a building fund or church functionaries or administrators. There is little distinction between the church and its members.

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