okay i'm frustrated

okay, yes, i'm frustrated with MYSELF!! i have so many interests. i want to blog about it. i started with www.davidhayward.ca. not quite it. wanted .com. switched to www.haywardart.com. not quite it, because i wanted it to be more than just about me. switched to churchpundit.com... okay for a while, but too many people were confused over the highbrow title. switched to nakedpastor.com... now people think it's just about pastoring and ministry and church. blah! now i've started another blog, theartsblog, in hopes of expressing that side of my personality too. that's just about art, which isn't all of who i am. so now i'm frustrated again. no name is perfect. should i just blog about what i want to blog about on nakedpastor.com and just let the chips fall were they may? or what? i love pastoring. i love the church. i love art. i love music. i love philosophy. i love theology. i love writing. i love photography. i love movies and film. i love wine. i love tobacco. i love gq and other glossy mags. i love hollywood gossip. i love.... well... so many things and am interested in them and actually DO them. what do i do? abbey? sincerely, a confused whatever!

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