One of My Boys, His Bud & 300

My eighteen year old son Jesse (left) and his friend Ross (right, duh!), grabbed a smoke before we took off to see "300", the new movie about the Spartans. Jesse is an awesome drummer! Amazing actually. He has a huge torrent of creativity that comes out in many many ways. Ross is a great guitar player. When he comes over he'll just noodle away on my Taylor acoustic. Why do the creative guys, musicians mostly, love smoking? Why is that? And drinking? And throw a few other things in there too. Why? I ask myself that. I'm drawn, most definitely, to the dark side. "Don't give in, Luke!" I love these guys. My heart has an especially huge place reserved for them. Them and others like them are my mission field!

So, ya, we went to see "300" with our youth-guy, Darren. It is one of the most brutally bloody movies I've ever seen. But the amazing graphics have a way of somehow distracting you from the brutality... like you are aware that you are watching an amazing graphical presentation of violence. The boys loved it. They want to go see it again. You must question, though, the message that violent bloodshed is the only way to peace, and that love is an expression of weakness. But if you want to see an amazingly fantastical film, give it a try.

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