one of my songs: "Carry Me"

This is a song I wrote some years ago. It wasn't intended to be country. But my band was playing around one day and came up with this rather Maritime Celtic rhythm and sound. It was rather popular when we first came out with it and was played on a local radio station frequently. I'm singing lead with Ellen singing background. Here are the lyrics:
Carry Me he tends his flock like a shepherd of love he gathers lambs in his strong tender arms he bears them close to his passionate heart gently and lovingly leads them along he will protect me from all of my foes he plants a place where his work safely grows and i am assured that he reaps what he sows so i will with fullness his love come to know chorus: carry me through the valley and the sea carry me to the lofty mountain peaks i long to be with you from now till the end carry me homeward my shepherding friend speak to me shepherd till i know your voice clear from my hearing the challenging noise of all my distractions and counterfeit joys for knowing you fully is my perfect choice
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