one of my songs "I Will Wait"

i will wait This is a song I wrote, based on some psalms, during a very dark time in my life. I don't apologize for its melancholy mood. We'd just gone through a horrendous church-split where we lost half of our church and too many friends. It was a brutal time, very dark, and at times hopeless. All I had to cling to was promise. My friend Ellen is singing the lead. I join in on the last chorus. I'm doing all the instrumental. If there's one thing I'd do different about this recording, besides its general quality, it would be to resolve the last chord. I left it hanging, in suspense, to represent the unfinished story of my life at the time. Here are the lyrics:
I WILL WAIT by David Hayward from this dark and lonely place I call to you. can you hear me from this distant land i'm in? i will wait for you Lord, to your promises i cling i will wait for you like i'm waiting for the sun to shine what if you o Lord would measure sin? i'd fall. but with you forgiveness covers everything.

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