One of the Cartoons in my new book "Til Doubt Do Us Part"

"Turn on Questioning Your Beliefs" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Description: A woman is going to switch on "Question My Beliefs" while her husband runs towards her freaking out and screaming "Noooooooo!"

One of the Cartoons in my New Book, "Til Doubt Do Us Part":

This chapter in my new book, "Til Doubt Do Us Part: When Changing Beliefs Change Your Marriage", is all about the space you need to question your beliefs.

One of the biggest blocks preventing us from questioning our beliefs is our relationships with others. If we believe like them, they don't want us to change our beliefs! It's scary, disruptive, and for them probably rebellious and even sinful.

When we start questioning our beliefs, it upsets everyone around us.

This is why I devoted a lot of the book to the importance of being a safe person to and providing a safe space for your partner to develop and grow, just like you should have the same thing from them.

If your marriage or any other significant relationships are going through challenging changes because of changing beliefs...

GET THE BOOK! And get it for someone you know who could use this resource.

It's on Amazon and also on Kindle!

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