Party Is Just Enough

Party Is Just Enough

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I've personally come to believe that the simple act of our church community getting together intentionally just to party has enormous value in and of itself. When someone suggests maybe bringing a guitar to do worship or praying, I resist it. That's right, I resist it. Why do we think there needs to be worship songs or prayer to sanctify a gathering? This is false. I claim that simply getting together in the same room to eat and drink and talk is an extremely sanctified occasion. So, coming to believe this recently, I approached Debbie and Peter McCready to see if they would host a party at their beautiful old farmhouse once a month to do nothing but eat and drink and talk. Lots of fine wine and delicious food is consumed, and the beauty of the evening only increases to the point where I feel I am going to burst with love for the astounding and beautiful diversity of the people gathered there.

Above are some pics from the evening, taken with Alli's camera, which would explain why she happens to show up in every single one of them (she's the red head). Shane and Alli (I'm pointing the finger at his intelligent head) have moved here from Ireland a few weeks ago, and they immediately fit right in. There's Heidi in there with them... freckles and big smile. There's Ellen, one of my bestest friends, with the hat. I must write a post on her. She has quite a story that involves scandal and heresy as well her being a case study in longsuffering for the sake of our community. Stay tuned for that one! There's Taylor eating some of the food. Peter and Debbie are his parents. He loves playing the jambe at the church. He just picks it up and joins in. Oh... there's Wendy in the pink... a riot!! And Brenda with the white shirt and black jacket. See Joni's back with the striped shirt. There's more! That was only a small percentage of the people stuffed in their house that night.

Say, why don't you all move here and join us? You are welcome!

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