Pizza Christ

"Pizza Christ" by nakedpastor David Hayward <Buy the ORIGINAL ART of "Pizza Christ" HERE. Or get an affordable print HERE. Free shipping with code 'shipit'! > I call this "Pizza Christ" in defiance of the Indiana Religious Freedom law that allows business, like pizza joints, to discriminate against gays and not serve them. Here Jesus shares his pizza, and even his own self, with anyone who will receive it. "This is my body which is broken for all of you." Because this pizza joint suffered some threats resulting from its decision to discriminate, it closed its doors and started a GoFundMe campaign. At this point there is over $842,000 raised from over 30,000 donors. Discrimination is alive and well and can even be lucrative. READ THIS ---> Have you or do you suffer discrimination because of your sexuality? Come share your stories at The Lasting Supper. We work hard to make it a safe space to be you!
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