Satirical Cartoon: Pope Francis and Kim Davis "stay strong" against LGBT rights

"Stay Strong!" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward I realize the risks of tipping golden cows. So, just in case you think I hate Pope Francis, check out this cartoon I did last week. But I'm not blind either. I'm not sure if this rumor is true yet or not, but it wouldn't surprise me." There are several reports stating that the Pope thanked Kim Davis for her courage and to stay strong. Here's The Guardian's perspective. Here's the official Papal Visit perspective. Here's a perspective from The Huffington Post's Gay Voices. Sentiment and talk is sweet, but it means nothing unless it percolates down into policy. Clanging cymbals and tinkling bells. That's all talk is. No matter how wonderful a person may be, when they are a part of a machine, the inevitable collusion and the endless struggle against it must prevail. Of course Kim Davis will continue to stay strong against LGBT rights. And of course the Pope will also stay strong against LGBT rights because he has to, if not personally, at least corporately. Systemic evil and injustice requires" complicit humans for it to prosper. Even if we hear that this story" is false, I know" that those who care about LGBT rights are very discouraged.
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