Pure Reason for Critique

Lisa does not hesitate to sit me down and draw to my attention things that I've done or said that are wrong or hurtful. Like a skilled surgeon, she will take that incident and trace its cancerous shoots back to the ugly root that is embedded in my fallen brain with its sinful thought-patterns. I'd do the same for her. I never ever question her love for me. In fact, this kind of exercise is profound evidence of her love. This is what love does. The truth should set you free. So anything that doesn't lead to the liberation of the human being must be rejected. In order to reject it, the idea or action must be analyzed and critiqued. I think everyone is responsible for this task. And I think this must be even more intensive within the church and its leadership because the church, like any other human institution, is prime culture for deception, abuse, bondage and slavery. I firmly insist that the gravitational pull of institutions such as the church is towards falsehood and bondage. I've experienced it first-hand, not only as a recipient but also as a donor. Make no mistake: when I critique the church and ministries going on in her name, when I critique other people's ideas and activities, when I let loose on the goings-on in religion, this doesn't mean I hate the perpetuators. This doesn't mean I think God hates and rejects the person thinking or doing those things. This doesn't mean I don't count that person as my sister or brother. But if their ideas and activities are questionable, I'm going to question them. And I hope someone would do the same for me. I don't agree with the popular opinion out there that all roads go to heaven. Nor do I believe that all ministries lead to the same benefits. There's lots of dangerous crap out there. I think we need to be the severest critics of all that we think, say and do! Do we want others to be free or not? Do we want to be free ourselves? The tattoo was created and applied by my friend Zara Leaf. The fairy looks like she's losing her bonds.
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