Quarter of a Century

I've left the professional ministry. I was ordained 25 years ago. I was a student minister before that. It has been a long hard haul. But I've gradually come to the realization that I can no longer work inside of the system. I no longer seem to fit within the institution. This is not to say that I don't believe in the church. I absolutely do. But my relationship to the organization has definitely changed. This blog has always been about my critique of the church not the good part, but the other. I believe in the right and the importance of Christians to gather. The same would apply to people of other faiths, beliefs, philosophies, etc. But it's the bad stuff that creeps in and clings to the gathering that I've always been critical of.

One of the most deadly influences on a community is agenda. In my opinion, it should be enough to gather together to study the bible, pray, worship and fellowship. It's when people desire more that things to go awry. To come without an agenda, without a goal, without a dream, without a vision for the church is most difficult. But this is the only way a church will live in a healthy manner. Visionary thinking, fantasizing, kills the church. Even the slightest bit of fantasizing for the church, like a little leaven, will affect the whole lump. It must be renounced entirely.

I plan on continuing this blog as a kind of virtual free-range pastor. I will continue my critique of all things spiritual and religious and institutional. Perhaps I will be even more liberated to express my thoughts. Thanks for all your kind and encouraging words.

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