Question: Can a dead man be gay?

"Gay Graveyard" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward This cartoon was inspired by an unfortunate but true story about a pastor who cancelled a Julion Evans' funeral because he was gay. Not the pastor. The dead man. Mind-boggling. Actually, no it's not. Nothing surprises me anymore. I was a pastor for about 30 years and I buried all kinds of people. Right across the diverse spectrum of humanity. From all walks of life. From all lifestyles. From all orientations. Etcetera. Never once did I put the survivors through an application process to see if the deceased qualified for a funeral and burial. The only qualification for a funeral and burial is that you're dead. And once you're dead you're just... dead. And some Christians would argue that! Earth to earth. Dust to dust. When it all boils down to the essentials, this is what it is. Simple as that.
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