Questions are Sacred

questions are sacred cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Jesus backs up a dump truck and unloads a ton of questions into the head of a person while Satan uses a pitchfork to try to remove the questions from the person's head.

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I need just one person who understands the importance of this. Just one. I hope you’re that one.

This is a letter to Pope Francis making the case for birth control. When the Catholic Church joined the Republican Party around 1980, joining racists, etc that turned it around for the Republicans. Without the Catholic vote, Democrats win 2000 and 2016 despite everything else, all the crap Republicans pull to steal elections.

That’s political. But there’s also the real fact that the world needs birth control. This strategy will bring the Catholic Church back to the Democrat fold where it belongs.  I didn’t write the letter because of what the Pope said about same sex couples yesterday. I started writing this a while ago but the issue has been on my mind forever. Coming on what Pope Francis said, it’s prescient.

Even if Pope Francis does not come out for birth control before November 3rd, this will position the question. But I still think it can make the election a slam dunk. The Internet is like those demonstrations of mousetrap fission and ping pong balls. Drop one ball in the middle, duck.

Everyone screaming and yelling. If, in response to what the Pope has already done, we say, “Please Pope Francis, now give humanity birth control and stop partnering with the Republican Party because they are evil.” It’s misdirection, something totally unanticipated but more central to the election and human life on this planet than any issues being fought over. All I/We need is one person, one person championing the idea to make it go mousetrap ballistic over the Internet.  Sometimes I go a bit overboard with metaphors. 

An Open Letter to Pope Francis

I represent no particular group or point of view. I represent only myself in my humanity. For the sake of our Earth and everyone on it, please reconsider the Catholic Church’s opposition to artificial means of birth control.  I also ask that you reconsider the Church’s relationship with the Republican Party in America. We need your answer before the American Presidential election if possible.

Birth should be nurtured, not fought over. Without birth control, families cannot stabilize nor can the nations they live in. More birth control means fewer abortions. Pope John the XXIII wanted to allow artificial means of birth control. It never happened. In 1963 the human population of earth was 3.2 billion. Today it approaches 8. What in 1963 was a reasonable choice for the Church to make, now is an issue of life or death for our planet.

God invested in women and women alone the privileges and responsibilities of birth. God did not grant it to men. God gave this to woman. Men replace God’s love with men’s will as the reason for birth; More soldiers for their armies, more farmers for their fields, more men to work in factories, more women bearing more children doing the same. This is morally wrong at a time in human history when any one of 7.8 billion people could obtain a nuclear warhead and detonate it. Eventually someone probably will, with all that means.

Pope Francis please do what the Catholic Church didn’t in 1963. Tell us now, before the US Presidential election. Because among all the struggles by men for wealth and power, issues surrounding women and birth will determine the outcome of this election to decide humanity’s future.

Thank you,
A concerned human being

Concerned Human Being

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