questions, not answers, lead to wisdom

"Questions, Not Answers, Lead to Wisdom" (cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward) I came to the right assumption many years ago that people had questions and doubts. To blindly assume they understood or believed everything I was teaching wouldn't show them any respect at all. Questions are natural. They will arise in the mind. Sure, there is one part of the mind, the fearful part, that wants to conform, fall in line, obey, and not stand out. However, there is another part of us, the wise part, that hungers for truth. I've come to believe that the only way to get there is through questions. Knowledge can be gained by increments. Like stairs. Wisdom is gained by a series of deaths and resurrections. Like seeds bursting open to bear fruit. Dare to question. Even the hard ones. This is wisdom. newsletter    art     community     books
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