rat race

If you've read my blog at all you should know by now that I am a vicious enemy of visionary thinking in the church. In fact, I've written a whole book about it with tons of cartoons to illustrate this animosity. I'm not an enemy of vision. In fact, I teach business culture to university students preparing for their MBA and we talk about vision and how it is an important ingredient for success. But when it comes to building community... the kind of fellowship the earliest church was... vision will kill it faster than you can come up with a vision statement. I've seen it happen over and over again... in small, medium and large churches. I don't understand why pastors and church leaders don't try to do church without vision, even for a time. A reprieve. A cease-fire. A moratorium. Just try it! But no! They won't! Why? Because it is just soooooo cool to have a sexy vision and mission statement. They will be questioned about their non-existant mission statement. QUESTION: "What's your purpose?" ANSWER: "Ummmmm... just to be... um... a family... just to ummmm.... love each other... um... and others... ummm.... " just doesn't cut it. It's bad copy! They will certainly build something. But it won't be the family they long for. MY BOOKS MY ART & CARTOONS
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