Reasons I've Left

Hey everyone: please join nakedpastor's fan page on facebook. Thanks! These are reasons I've heard recently, from the mouths of people and through emails, as to why I've left the professional ministry.
  1. He's gay. He'll come out the closet soon.
  2. Satan caused his fall by finding the chink in his armor: intellectual curiosity.
  3. He had an affair.
  4. He was handsomely paid out.
  5. Burn-out.
  6. He lost his faith.
  7. He's replacing the director of the Vineyard movement.
  8. He was spoiled by the rotten apples (atheists, agnostics, etc.).
  9. His denomination (the Vineyard) excommunicated him for heresy.
  10. He had sex with something other than his wife.

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