Redecorating Information

One thing we must understand about the mind is its incredible capacity to think that it is thinking. Its ability to suck on the same lollipop forever, delighting itself with the pleasure of what it thinks is thought, is endless. The brain's primary function is to protect the organism, so it stubbornly resists change. And so it rejects the way to true change, and that is by death. The mind refuses to die to itself. If it's primary function is to protect the organism and secure life, then of course death is out of the question. We love to throw around the verse, "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind", but we don't do it. My mind won't do it. It takes incredible courage and trust for the mind to crucify itself. But only then may it be renewed. Which is why I must approach the teaching event with extreme caution. Are we only regurgitating the same old clichés? Do we resort to our comfortable and secured ideas? Have we really thought about this? Have we seen, or only read about it? Have we allowed fear to restrict our mind and prevent it from venturing onto the cross? Will we die, that we might be new creations? Something I've learned over my years of teaching is how easy it is to settle into what is expected of me to teach and what is desired of me. Not just from my audience, but from the traditions, society, culture, church, my own urges, and so on. Over and over again I am amazed (although I shouldn't be surprised anymore) at how we only hear what we want to hear. We choose what to believe and what not to believe. We select the ideas that appeal to us, and reject those that don't. We come proposing to learn, but we leave with an unchanged mind. Our minds are not renewed. Our lives are not transformed. Maybe we'd rather the verse said, "Be informed by the redecorating of your mind." Change is urgent! There is new life after this death. The mind does renew itself. True change can occur. Transformation is possible. Are we willing?

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